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5 Key Causes Why Perfectionist’s Procrastinate

Hey there! I’m Joel Brown, a procrastination mindset specialist. In my world, it’s all about guiding my college students by way of repatterning workout routines to interrupt free from the shackles that stop them from scaling new heights in life.

Now, you may hear ‘perfectionist’ and assume, “Ah, they’re destined for fulfillment!” However right here’s the actual deal: perfectionism is much from a superpower. It’s a sneaky villain in disguise, sapping emotional and bodily power, disrupting sleep, and fueling an countless cycle of rumination—all within the pursuit of getting all the pieces ‘excellent.’ This relentless chase is what we name the ‘Obsessive Idealist‘ procrastination kind.

When you don’t know which out of. the 6 procrastination sorts you’re then you’ll be able to take this fast 3 minute procrastination kind quiz on my Mindstrong Academy web site.

By my fourteen years of teaching, I’ve recognized six procrastination sorts, however my journey began with a private revelation—I’m an Obsessive Idealist. I’ve been there, consistently toggling between creation and procrastination.

And as we speak, I invite you to discover this path with me. When you’re nodding alongside, considering, “That seems like me; I’m a perfectionist too,” then stick round.

I’m about to shed some gentle on why you may be caught on this cycle.


Right here’s a perfectionist procrastination kind video right here of what I’m breaking down on this article for you:

The Obsessive Idealist: Unpacking the Perfectionist’s Paradox

First issues first, ensure that to take the procrastination quiz: mindstrongacademy.com/quiz to see the place you stand. Now, let’s dive into the world of the Obsessive Idealist. Usually labeled as excessive achievers or perfectionists, the core of their procrastination lies within the thoughts’s protecting pause. It’s a defend in opposition to perceived threats, pitfalls of perfectionism, and the fixed battle between the now and the long run in our minds.

Right here’s the paradox: what looks like a power for prime achievers can turn out to be a crippling hindrance. Obsessive Idealists are in a continuing wrestle to keep away from failure, aiming for 100% perfection. However let’s face the reality—nobody is ideal. Whether or not you’re an entrepreneur, athlete, or any particular person striving for excellence, embracing imperfections and studying from failures are essential steps.


The Traps of Being an Obsessive Idealist Procrastination Kind

Evaluation Paralysis: Overthinking each element to the purpose of inaction is a typical pitfall. It’s like making an attempt to get all the pieces excellent, however in actuality, it backfires, stalling your progress.

The Unrealistic Requirements Syndrome: Setting impossibly excessive objectives is like chasing a mirage. It’s not nearly being aggressive; it might result in unfair self-criticism and unrealistic expectations of others.

The Time Entice: Believing there’s by no means sufficient time to finish a process completely results in fixed postponement. This selective concentrate on strengths, whereas avoiding areas of enchancment, limits your true potential.

Avoidance of Criticism: Dodging suggestions hinders progress. It’s important to be taught to simply accept constructive criticism with out internalizing it as a reinforcement of the “I’m not adequate” narrative.

The All-or-Nothing Lie: Believing that you need to function at full throttle or under no circumstances is a harmful false impression. Embracing the center floor, like delegating duties and searching for mentorship, is vital to balanced success.

Embracing Imperfection: The Path to True Progress


Within the MindStrong Academy, the place I train conquering procrastination, we concentrate on managing these patterns successfully. Presently, we’re providing a 7-day free trial, so don’t miss out on this chance to rework your mindset: MindStrongAcademy.com The Academy is greater than only a course; it’s a neighborhood the place you’ll discover help, accountability, and tailor-made sources like a 31-day planner and visualization audios to realign your focus.


In conclusion, recognizing and managing your tendencies as an Obsessive Idealist is essential. By addressing the deep-rooted “I’m not adequate” narrative and embracing imperfection, you’ll be able to shift from a state of fixed stress to certainly one of harmonized energy.

Keep in mind, motion doesn’t at all times equate to progress. It’s about discovering steadiness, embracing downtime, and permitting your self the house to develop and be taught.

I encourage you to take the quiz, be part of the MindStrong Academy, and begin your journey in the direction of a extra balanced, profitable life.

Let’s break away from the chains of perfectionism collectively!


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