SEO Consultant & Writer

SEO Consultant, Content Strategist, & Writer Seeking a Position in Content Management/Strategy

Career Snapshot

SEO analyst, content writer and strategist, owner of, and an advocate for intelligent content, ethical marketing, and consumer education. 5+ years as a freelance writer, 3 years in-house at an NY-based SaaS company as an SEO analyst, content strategist, and ghostwriter.

Marketing - Ghostwriter for the CEO and Senior Content Coordinator for our most critical pieces - Created a Notion Content Production Dashboard (with Calendar View) to help us track our output - Created a Notion Content Audit Dashboard to keep the blog up-to-date and perfectly manicured - Created a Notion Keyword Database (linked to Content Production Dashboard) for SEO strategy - Created Content Briefs for advanced-level freelance writers and edited the output before publishing - Worked with the content team to create and execute SEO strategies - Wrote scripts for corporate client acquisition videos - Pitched and onboarded top university professors for a media/data startup - Consulted for multiple niches (SEO) - Prospected for and conducted outreach for backlinks from other websites and exclusive quotes from contributors Creative: - Wrote the storytelling outline that became the official video structure of the channel - Was in charge of the YouTube SEO strategy (0 - 300k subscribers, > 1M views) - Coordinated with an entire video production team remotely to great success (see above stats)