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Data Scientist experienced in Healthcare

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I am a data scientist with in-field healthcare experience. I leverage my skills to gain business insights and improve outcomes. The Senior Molecular

Built end to end machine learning model to predict customer daily/weekly/monthly volume. Work with stakeholders to produce data analysis and visualizations designed to gain product and business insight. Built a python service to ingest FHIR data and store in google cloud storage.
Python (Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, Scikit-learn) SQL BigQuery/BigQueryML NoSQL (MongoDB) Data Cleaning/ Preprocessing Data visualization (Seaborn, Matplotlib, Plotly, Holoviews, Bokeh) Descriptive Statistics Customer Segmentation Linear / Logistic Regression Time Series Forecasting Source code management, debugging, testing.
  • Thinkful Data Science Bootcamp-Thinkful-2019-Completed a 7 month Data Science Flex program at end of 2019.
  • MPH-UMASS Amherst-2020-Obtained Master's in Public Health degree.
  • BSN-Kean University-2012-
  • ASN-Raritan Valley Community College-2008-Associate's Degree in Nursing


Data Scientist

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Deployed weekly and monthly customer volume prediction using BigQuery ARIMA model to promote accurate staffing ratios. Create queries and data pipelines to gain insight for stakeholders. Currently working on a Sentiment Analysis model to predict customer sentiment using Hugging Face's BERT Transformer Models Created a service that ingests data from published RabbitMQ messages and persists data into Postgres DB

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