Project Management, Training, Management

Career Snapshot

Seasoned leader with a strong background in designing and implementing training programs for security service providers, government services, and the United States Armed Forces. Passionate mentor and coach who quickly connects with employees to uncover their needs and adjusts strategies to better reinforce the subject matter. Detail-oriented leader with experience diffusing tense situations and managing teams during crises. Focused on promoting safety and compliance at all times

• Successfully trained 1.3k law enforcement and security officers within the first year. • Successfully implemented the continuing education/training program for all annual training requirements. • Reduced compliance issues by 20% after developing and implementing a new training program. • Improved efficiency 75% after revamping a data collection process and implementing software to promote visibility. • Participate in weekly client meetings to continuously provide feedback on Training, Operations and Customer Service to ensure alignment with Business, Operational, Regulatory and Contract Compliance.
  • Master of Science - Emergency Management-Walden University-2017-
  • Bachelor of Arts - Criminal Justice Administration-National University-2011-


Training Manager

08/16/2021 - 02/11/2022 - Allied Universal Security Services

Lead a team of 5 trainers to provide education to new law enforcement and security officers at all Hawaiian Island Airports. Maintain a strong understanding of employment contract requirements and federal regulatory compliance. Design and adjust curriculum for 15 security guard classes and 25 law enforcement classes. Provide key assistance to the Contract Security Manager with new hire staffing and onboarding. Coordinate activities with the District Contract Security Managers, the Airport Security Coordinators, State Auditors, and TSA. Review state-approved training curriculums, record management program, post-order development and updates, and emergency operations plans. • Recruited to a leadership role after demonstrating excellence in other positions at Allied Universal Security Services. • Successfully trained 1.3k law enforcement and security officers within the first year. • Designed and implemented a comprehensive training curriculum from scratch, adjusting training for each role. • Reduced incidents of non-compliance by 20% after developing new training program from scratch. • Improved organization for audits by designing and maintaining a physical and electronic training record-keeping system.

Director of Government Services

12/16/2019 - 08/16/2021 - Allied Universal Security Services

Oversaw government-related contract work, reporting directly to the SVP of Government Services. Assisted with a wide range of proposal documents, statistical support, and regulatory compliance support. Provided records to the management team, enabling them to pursue government contracts. Verified sensitive information to maintain all archives and record new data for the Government Services Team. Tracked performance metrics for the team, including bid tracking, wins/losses, re-bids, value, and types of solicitations screened. Performed compliance audits. Conducted business and data analysis to identify gaps and implement solutions. Served as a Subject Matter Expert to internal partners during the bid process. Utilized SalesForce to complete audits and data entry. • Contributed to growing revenue from $54M to $92M in government contracts after streamlining support workflows used to track data. Enabled team to screen 600+ business opportunities during 2020. • Revamped a data collection process and implemented software to promote data visibility, leading to a 75% improvement in overall efficiency. • Trained and mentored a new Business Analyst, preparing them to take over the Director position within 5 months. • Collaborated with team to strategically plan kick-offs, pricing, and review calls with Regions and teams.

Emergency Management Specialist, Area Office Security Coordinator

10/16/2015 - 07/07/2018 - Bureau of Reclamation

Managed all aspects of the region’s Emergency Management program and national disaster responses. Responsible for the COOP Plan for the Pacific Northwest Regional Office, Occupant Emergency Program (OEP) for the Bureau of Reclamation Building, and the Pacific Northwest Region Pandemic Plan. Strategically planned, wrote, implemented, and executed all emergency plans and guidelines needed to protect life resources. Followed strict federal continuity requirements and guidelines when creating plans for multiple facilities across 5 states. Facilitated meetings with tenant officials and OEP members. Multi-tasked and collaborated with local law enforcement to better understand security risks and make recommendations to leadership. • Developed training curriculum impacting up to 500 team members each quarter. Frequently traveled to Denver to conduct training for up to 50 upper management team members. Trained ~400 Pacific Northwest Regional Office employees on general evacuation and safety procedures. • Established the Occupant Emergency Training Program and a two-phase Active Shooter Awareness Training Program. Developed the processes, procedures, and infrastructure needed to educate hundreds of employees. Conducted 20+ training sessions. • Served as Lead for the Facility Security Committee aimed at reducing risks through countermeasures, sharing information, and analyzing any threats or vulnerabilities. Supported operations by completing daily clerical and administrative tasks, such as answering phones, greeting visitors, responding to inquiries regarding programs and services, completing status reports, and updating files. Coordinated travel for staff and managers, recording all details into a database and processing ~75 travel vouchers. Served as the primary timekeeper for a staff of 50 and resolved any discrepancies related to staff hours worked. Verified sensitive information while serving as a liaison between staff and the Human Resources Department.

Correctional Officer

05/06/2014 - 01/16/2015 - Idaho Department of Corrections

Monitored the conduct of offenders and enforced all policies and federal regulations to prevent escapes and violence within the facility. Recorded offender information, charges, and any incidences that occurred during the day. Conducted searches for contraband and inspected all incoming mail. Screened any visitors and processed incoming offenders. Oversaw 150+ individual security doors and 4+ CCTV cameras as a Unit Control Officer. • Graduated 4th in class from the Idaho Peace Officer and Standards Training (POST) Academy. Completed OJT training within 2 weeks instead of 4 weeks. • Mitigated risk and diffused tense situations, responding to 50+ ICS-initiated incidents within the facility. • Successfully conducted 800+ physical security checks in the facility.

Assistant Director, Maritime Security Operations

08/10/2008 - 02/14/2012 - Heritage Security

Oversaw a team of 2 Security Lieutenants, 6 Security Sergeants, 4 Security Corporals, and up to 150 staff. Established and enforced security standards and procedures, investigating any potential security breaches. Responded to a wide range of crisis situations, including medical emergencies, bomb threats, fire alarms, and intrusion alarms. Followed strict emergency response procedures at all times. Coordinated daily security activities to safeguard company assets, employees, and guests. Created and implemented evacuation policies and procedures. Conducted and assisted with governmental reviews, internal corporate evaluations, and other assessments of personal security processes. Built a successful team by providing additional training on detection equipment related to travel regulations such as x-ray screening devices, metal detection wands, drug testing kits, and pat-down searches. • Provided key assistance with updating Standard Operating Procedures for the Port of San Diego security contract. Enabled company to win a contract bid renewal valued at $11M+. • Responded to nearly 50 ICS incidents and conducted 30+ security breach investigations within 2 years.

Training Chief, Platoon Sergeant, Operations Assistant

08/25/1993 - 03/02/2011 - United States Armed Forces

Provided training to groups of up to 200 on a wide range of topics from Basic Marine Training to unit-specific courses such as Urban Combat Training. Wrote curriculum for courses and ran warfare scenarios. Tracked progress using a database. Conducted audits as needed. • Developed a process to track training requirements and enable soldiers to get promoted by displaying credentials and training certifications in real-time after designing a database that integrated with the Army’s administrative software. • Designed and led 100+ training programs in fast-paced environments to support critical operations and standard training programs

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