Nuclear Engineer

Systems Engineering and Data Analytics

Career Snapshot

  • Broad education and education across nuclear engineering, plasma physics, computer simulations and modelling, and hands on work in laboratory and field environments
  • Applied data science skills to study reliability of systems and components in nuclear reactors, and to study geographic voting trends in Pennsylvania
  • Proven leadership in team environments with people of diverse educations, ages, ethnicities, and upbringings
Patent filed on electromagnetic pumps for use in sodium cooled nuclear reactors
  • Master's in Nuclear Engineering-NC State University-2019-Master's degree with a focus on plasma science and engineering. Courses were a mix of fundamental plasma science courses and applications to industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, agricultural, energy, and healthcare.


Advanced Nuclear Reactor Systems Engineer

01/01/2022 - 03/21/2022 - General Electric

Perform a variety of engineering services to support deployment of next-generation nuclear reactors, including: -Data Analytics to study the reliability of components and systems in a reactor -Identify the technical specifications for components to be used in a reactor and find an existing product that meets this need -Respond to rapidly changing needs and short turn-around times for reports on current design proposals

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