Business Analyst

Sales, Legal, Business

Career Snapshot

I am a Salesforce and Gainsight professional with a background in customer success, customer experience, mass communications, technology and social media. As a professional, I aid organizations and companies in increasing their productivity and customer experience by creating and implementing productivity systems that actually work. I adapt and learn quickly in professional environments, easily finding my niche and adding value. I find joy in solving complex problems as it related to Salesforce and Gainsight.

I have expanded my skills and nurtured professional relationships across various industries including the legal, business, technology, corporate, hospitality & tourism, minority studies and global security and aerospace fields which provides for a strong and vast prospective to contribute to ambitious companies looking to add dynamic members to their team.

If you are seeking a multi-skilled, fast learner, reliable, hard-worker, creative, innovative, and talented leader to add your organization please kindly send a message.

I boosted engagement by 150% within a year in a half at RTW Photography. I organically grew RTW Photography’s social media accounts by over 4000 new followers. I managed 250+ client cases ensuring accuracy, confidentiality, client satisfaction, and resolutions at TDC law firm.
Agile, Atlassian/ Jira, Dashboards, Custom Objects, Business Process, Workflow Rules, Sfdc, Validation Rules, Email, Approval Processes, Data Manipulation, Sandbox, SOQL, Service Cloud, API, Record Types, Setup, Formula Fields, Pardot, Web Services, Visualforce Pages, Custom Fields, Custom Tabs, JavaScript, Load Data, CSS, business development, Appexchange, Custom Reports, User Roles, Salesforce, SAAS, Gainsight


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