Client Success Coordinator


Career Snapshot

The Senior Molecular Research Scientist will have overall responsibility for
all aspects of assay development projects, innovations, and programs.
❖ Interacts with physicians, employees and clients in a positive manner consistent with
the mission and values of Bako Diagnostics.
❖ Contributes to the design, modification, and validation of existing and new
❖ Developed Tests (LDTs) in compliance with CLIA and CAP guidelines.
❖ Keeps laboratory notebooks up to date and with sufficient details that results can be
❖ Effectively self-manage all assigned Molecular Assay Development and or Innovation
❖ Reviews data being generated from the clinical laboratory to identify potential issues
and assay enhancements.
❖ Reviews and assesses the scientific literature relating to new and existing molecular
assays, and provides insight to the Vice President of R&D and/or CEO when new
potential assays are recognized.
❖ Other duties as assigned.
Education & Experience
❖ MS in molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology, genetics or related science with
3+ years of industry experience in Molecular Assay or Product Development.
❖ PhD in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Genetics or related science.
Direct relevant industry experience in Molecular Assay or Product Development
Knowledge & Critical Skills/Expertise
❖ Extensive experience with PCR and other nucleic acid-based technologies including
strong knowledge for molecular clinical assay development.
❖ Demonstrated expertise in the functional areas of molecular assay development,
project management, team building and support for clinical lab compliance.
❖ Ability to work in a fast paced growth environment without compromising quality.
❖ Ability to write and edit critical technical documents.
❖ Ability to innovate new techniques and methodologies utilizing research literatures,
team collaboration, and testing new ideas etc.


Refund Reason