Dionne Griffith

Career Snapshot

Educational Professional with 17 years of secondary education teaching experience  in the areas of ELAR, ESL, and GT, along with additional training writing reports and making recommendations regarding the renewal or improvement of on-going projects; participating in the analysis and interpretating of regulations, statutes, policy and procedures, relative to the administration of state, local, or federal grant programs; providing technical assistance in the administration and management of funded projects; and assisting applicants with requirements for submitting proposals for grants and on appropriate ways of developing program proposals to be submitted in grant applications.

  • Administration: Coaching Cycle, Instructional Leadership, and Professional Development
  • Grants: Innovative Solutions for Struggling Schools and Request for Information ($97,500)
  • Project: New Mexico Instructional Audit (from grade of F to C)
  • Proposal Writing: BMS Reading and Math Intervention Programs (to improve NMSA scores)
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