Employers choose how much to pay candidates for each resume. The smallest amount is $2.

No, there is no fee to sign up for Bintl Hire. 

Employers can click the contact us button from any candidate profile to receive a resume and notify candidates they want to contact them.

Yes they can. If an employer has suspicion of a fraudulent resume or an unresponsive applicant, Bintl Hire will review the situation before taking action. If the issue is valid, a refund will be processed within 30 days or less.

There is no set price for resumes. Employers name their price for each resume from the resume purchase page.

Bintl Hire takes a percentage from employer’s resume budget. At some point there may be a percentage taken from what the jobseeker recieves but there is no jobseeker fee at this time.

Employers upload available funds to the wallet on their profile. They then use these funds to pay for resumes.

More FAQs

No – there is no limit to the number of jobs candidates can apply to.

Jobseekers can follow the tips provided when completing their profile. Profiles are designed to give employers the information that they want to know about a candidate quickly. Build your profile with achievements from past jobs that relate to jobs you are applying to.