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The value of job search just went up.

Launch a smart web page that accepts job invitations, auto-applies to verified employers and earns commission, so you never lose sight of your worth during a job search.

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Elevate with Earn Hire

Help employers discover you wherever they are.

EarnHire creates a personal brand page for you in minutes that accepts job invites, auto-applies to relevant positions and pays commission from your engagement on our job board.

We’ve solved job searching’s biggest issues by wisely gate-keeping your information for only serious recruiters and hiring companies, giving you real incentive to stick with each application process. 

More than just resumes, EarnHire delivers with intuitive technology to boost ROI from your recruitment efforts.

Identify qualified candidates from anywhere and send job invites without having to post the position over again. Candidates then take direct action, sending resumes instantly and applying through the link you send them.

We give the professionals you need a way to herald their personal brand and receive your invitations to apply. You can find and review skills from their pages anywhere they post the link online, or post your job on EarnHire to get an immediate list of all the matching candidates ranked.

One link to your Power Network

Career coaches on EarnHire onboard their network of dedicated professionals while sending out career guidance. The snapshot page for coaches stands as a trusted reference list for employers to access candidates organized by career field.

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Next Level of Hiring

Discover “Unicorns” and qualified talent, each vetted by our team of talent advisors and career coaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

EarnHire is a revolutionary job invitation platform that supercharges any job search. It immediately adds incentive for career professionals to apply and engage in new opportunities in their field.

Hiring? Get instant resumes and completed applications directly from candidates, with or without a job post.

Yes! Employers can post an unlimited number of jobs and receive the most relevant candidate snapshot pages in our network within a few minutes. We use a cost per applicant (CPA) model, which makes posting jobs free. You can start posting jobs here.

EarnHire personal brand pages are free and can be created by job seekers or career coaches. 

If you are a job seeker, you'll need to be approved and given access by a career coach. When building your page, you will also need to upload a current resume.

Career coaches must request access from EarnHire before they can join. Submit your registration request here.

First, create your profile. Once your profile is approved, compensation happens when you receive a job invite. To receive invites, upload your resume to your profile and activate auto-apply.