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my father retains responding to my worker’s Fb posts — Ask a Supervisor

my father retains responding to my worker’s Fb posts

A reader writes:

My father retains responding to my worker’s political posts on Fb. My father may be very conservative and my worker may be very liberal, so you’ll be able to guess that their opinions go collectively like oil and water. I really feel that it’s inappropriate for my father to be interacting with somebody I supervise, and I requested him to cease. He feels that Fb is a public discussion board, and that the truth that I supervise somebody mustn’t deny his proper to answer a public submit.

(Earlier than I grew to become this particular person’s supervisor, I used to be buddies with him on Fb. Once I grew to become his supervisor, I didn’t unfriend him, simply stopped interacting on his posts, and let him know I’d be doing that. In some unspecified time in the future, although, he and my father friended one another, but it surely was nearly actually as a result of they had been each related to me. I understand now I ought to have utterly minimize the Fb connection/unfriended this worker firstly. Lesson realized!)

Whereas the posts in query are political, I’d really feel uncomfortable with my father interacting with any of my staff over Fb, irrespective of how innocuous the subject. It feels prefer it crosses boundaries. Ought to I point out to my worker that he’s welcome to dam my father if he needs? Or ought to I keep out of it as a result of Fb is a public discussion board, and that is exterior and unrelated to work?

For some context: The worker is aware of that is my father. My father is retired and has no relationship in any respect to my office. My worker has by no means talked about my father’s Fb responses at work.

I reply this query — and three others — over at Inc. at this time, the place I’m revisiting letters which have been buried within the archives right here from years in the past (and typically updating/increasing my solutions to them). You can learn it right here.

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