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Adding value to job search

Earn Hire elevates careers & connects companies with game-changing talent.

Our mission is
to bring more value
to job search.

We aim to empower jobseekers and make hiring a process that doesn’t cost them time and money but contributes to their growth and well-being as professionals. We hope to make Earn Hire the name known for pioneering the jobseeker brand space where we all have equity in our job search.

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Hiring for employer brands

A transformative approach to hiring

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Earn Hire is an opportunity for employers of any size to forge a stronger brand that shows support the talent community they hire from.
By changing the status quo from paying for job posts to valuing job candidates engagement, businesses can use EarnHire to offer incentive to apply and hire top-performers who have proven to boost productivity year over year.

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Reverse the transfer of $20 billion in wealth from the online recruitment industry back to job seekers.

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Our mission is to add more value to job search for everyone involved.

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Compensation to jobseekers, direct access to qualified applicants

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We value jobseekers, not job posts.

Earn Hire takes the attraction and ownership qualities of a personal link in bio page and combines it with the technology of an invitation system for job seekers. By flipping the way applying to jobs works today, we have created a shift that allows allows recruiters and career coaches to do their job finding great candidates first then directing to them to apply.

Founder Ric M. Burley created this system, determined to build a platform that supports jobseekers and delivers more qualified candidates for hiring companies. “Job boards don’t have a product. They capitalize on the profit jobseekers create from their resumes and applying to jobs. This is why I created EarnHire and why we compensate for completed applications. Professionals deserve to build careers without ever losing sight of their worth.” -Ric Burley.

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